December has hit and has brought with it, apart from the regular December/holiday things, 4 different projects in the scrapping world. One is done – you’re going to want to come visit here on Wednesday! – but three others are still in the works. Which means that this blog has to take the hit.

I was going to post another craft today but it’s being done in stages and it’s turning out so cute that I think I’ll keep it as a gift from the kiddies to their parents (don’t you love that bit of teasing, parents?). And that leaves me with no craft and no time for another post.

I’ll try to get a few up here and there but for now I ready need to buckle down and get assignments done. That being said, local peeps are going to want to save some pennies because the Paperie January card kit is the bomb. And you Simple Scrapper Premium Members? January content is going to rock your scrapping world. Plus, one of my LO’s was the inspiration for one of the templates this month – very cool!

And again, stop by on Wednesday. What I’m going to share was so seriously exciting for me that I may just have jumped up and down and squealed like a teenage girl. Yup, good times!

And because I hate to leave a post pictureless I’ll give you one from today. I think Ella likes the tree I put up this morning!

ella_treeSee you all Wednesday!