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Well, it’s the beginning of December and around here that means the beginning of Christmas crafts! We did a fun and easy one today that included some paint – always a winner with little kiddies!

First, I painted everyone’s hands green and stamped them on watercolour paper to make trees. I definitely recommend Tempera paints for this, they easily wash off surfaces, clothes, and skin!

advent tree - hand prints

Once the trees were done everyone got a paintbrush and were told to paint a bunch of colours without mixing them into mud – and they actually did it! Mud colour is the norm around here for some reason…

Although the paints dry quickly, a lot of water was flowing on these so I gave them a quick blast with my heat gun to speed up the process. Then, with “help”, I punched 1″ and 3/4″ circles from the paper to make ornaments.I also cut a star from some of the yellow painted sections. All in all, we had 23 circles and one star per child which they then stuck to a sheet of glue dots. We started with this:

advent tree - big thighs hannah

and this:

advent tree - big thighs gabe

And ended up with these:

advent tree - decorations hannah

And these:

advent tree - decorations Gabe

And now we’re all ready for the countdown! Since today is the second they got to pick out and stick on two ornaments, saving the star until Christmas Eve.

advent tree - finished

Cute, hey? He insisted on making a funny face – no way was I getting a reasonable picture out of him today!

There’s still plenty of time to make your own – it might even be fun for the whole family to have trees!