The other day I asked the kiddies if they wanted grilled cheese sandwiches or cheesy bread for supper (it was one of those days) and cheesy bread won the day.

Darrell then asked, “How do you make cheesy bread?” Well, Molly and I looked at him like he was crazy – how is it that he doesn’t know cheesy bread after all this time? I gave him the basic explanation – cheese on bread toasted in the oven. Molly got a little more creative:

cheesy bread1. take out the bread (hers is gluten free and in the freezer)

2. make the bread warm (in the microwave)

3. cut the cheese (things almost went horribly wrong here as Darrell started to grate the cheese – Molly was not impressed, her instructions were very specific; that’s a block, it’s not grated!)

4. make the bread warm again (on a baking sheet in the oven, this time.)

As Darrell went through each step he received a check mark and then at the end when he completed his task very well, he got the giant smiley face and check mark.

I’m sure I could have been more helpful during this process but watching him stumble through as Molly coached him was way too entertaining!