listening: to Molly sing her kindergarten concert songs – her favourite is Cha Cha Cha!

eating: fruit salads with yogurt for most breakfasts – yummy!

drinking: water and wine, mostly Moscato these days

wondering: when my new shoes will arrive. I ordered metallic ones online and I’m itching to get them!

metallic shoes

wearing: crop pants & sandals as often as possible

feeling: overwhelmed this week – lots happening and it’s all in different directions!

weather: overcast and cool lately – come back spring!

watching: So You Think You Can Dance & still working my way through The Facts of Life. Also saw Epic the other day – loved it!

epic poster

reading: nothing, it’s sad…

wanting: warm weather

needing: my mojo to come back – I’m not feeling very inspired right now.

thinking: about Index Card a Day (ICAD) – it starts tomorrow and I can’t wait!

enjoying: watching Molly in her kindergarten concert and year-end celebration this morning – it was so much fun!

molly and mme r

wishing: I wasn’t quite so busy this week – it’s the last few days my brother and his girlfriend will be here from BC and I’m going to miss the fun! That being said, I can’t wait to finish my quilt and teach the library drawer class next week!