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I haven’t been on the ball at all since Christmas, but here’s to trying to get back in the groove! Hope you like some of these fun things I’ve spotted this week:

1. This tutorial for making your own feathers is awesome – I’m totally making a zillion patterned feathers for a project soon!

2. This is an awesome way to show off your pictures and make them useful at the same time – polaroid inspired coasters! I’ve made stamped coasters before but I think I’m going to have to try this DIY project out. Who doesn’t have pictures they love but are hidden away? Bring them into the light, my friends!

credit: Brittany

credit: Brittany

3. If you’re an instagram fan (and these days, who isn’t?) then you need to check out this deal. A 60 picture photo book and all you need to pay is the postage? Bring it on, I’m there! But it starts Saturday morning (February 23) and is only good for 24 hours so don’t wait!

4. I love Miss Four Eyes. If we lived close to each other and I actually knew her and was single and into girls, she might be the one. I haven’t told her that yet, she might think I was creepy or something. But love her, I do. And I especially love this post – I laughed out loud several times. (warning: She’s not your gentle, sweet, innocent blogger; she blogs in the nude. You’ve been forewarned if you choose to continue to her site and laugh hysterically.)

5. Keeping up with the funny – check out “8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need.” Personally, I’ve been waiting for the sarcasm font but the Sarcastises will do just fine, thank you!

Have a fun and creative one!