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To supplement my usual Yearlong Album, I’m also taking Krista’s Keeping Track of Life class – she’s doing this list each month for that so I’m playing along with her today!

Story Time

Story Time

listening: Still playing Row upon Row of the People They Know by The Once – probably too much if M singing the line, “At the front of the bar but at the back of the line” over and over is any indication!

eating: ice cream bars, carrots, and as a treat today, Sugar Mama’s cinnamon rolls!

drinking: water and very cold Pinot Grigio

wearing: still into my jeans and tall boots. And not the most fashionable but super warm hoodies when I’m home.

Kitchen Dancing Queen

Kitchen Dancing Queen

feeling: excited about my February classes and KP coming to The Paperie in March!

weather: rainy and windy, but at least it has warmed up a little

watching: not much! Too busy in January but am planning to catch up on my guilty pleasure of American Idol this evening. 🙂

reading: blogs and twitter – again, too busy but have to fit in The Sweetness of Forgetting very soon for a book club

Still loving being upside down

Still loving being upside down

waiting: for product to come in so I can play! Designs for two classes are ground to a halt until I get some supplies (darn winter weather)!

wanting: warm donuts

needing: a girl’s night of scrapping, laughing, and food

thinking: about old, old friends and how much I miss them

backseat buddies

backseat buddies

enjoying: hot baths and cold wine

wondering: if we’ll actually get the storm that’s forecast for Saturday. I really am certain we’ve had enough snow this winter, Mother Nature!

wishing: I could hop on a plane and have a Newfoundland/Manitoba reunion (Karen, Dawn, Val, Julia, Jeff? I’ll make it happen if we decide to do it!)