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Yes, I vanished sometime last week, totally without notice.

Sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s just say that a week of prep work and then two very full days of teaching, followed up by a couple of “undone but deadlines looming” projects led to me taking an unscheduled blog break.

But I have the assignments finished, photos taken, edited, and uploaded. And I have instructions written and about to be sent, along with photos, for the final January class and, more importantly, the final Yearlong 2012 class.

For the first time ever I put pictures on the pages for the Yearlong Album. My goal with this class has always been to give a base that each student’s monthly pictures ย could work with so I’ve never put my own photos on. This past year has been a little different since I’ve made several Bonus Pages that aren’t part of the core album. So, for the final two bonus pages I designed, I added pictures!

The first one is an oldie from my wedding day. Love the series this shot came from since it’s on the newly built deck of the family cabin. This cabin has been in my dad’s family for a very long time and although other family members have gotten married in Salmon Cove, I was the first to get married on the Sands (the beach), and, as far as I know, the first to have the cabin factor into the wedding at all. So my dad built a new deck and freshened the place up with a new coat of paint and we had a bunch of pictures there. I like these of only me at a cabin I loved coming to as a kid.

every picture...

The next one features M & G having a fun time and insisting I take a pic while they hug – sometimes, they really are cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

choose to shine

My idea is to take these base LO’s and add my own extras to them – planning to have them done tomorrow so stop back for the reveal!