I’ve never believed in regrets.

I’ve always believed that everything we do makes us the people we are now and how can you regret who you are now? Plus, my grandfather always told me, “Everything happens for a good reason.” And I’ve almost always found that to be true.

Let’s be honest, I’ve made some pretty bad decisions in my life (who hasn’t?) but since they’ve brought me here, they obviously weren’t that awful. Β In my whole life I’ve only had one thing that I would say I actually regret. I think that’s pretty good.

With that no regrets policy in mind, I have always chosen to focus on the things in life that I love and am grateful for. The good things.

Here’s a list for 2012 of my top Good Things:

1. M started school and loves it. Really loves it. Plus she has the best imagination ever. I love to watch her play.

Molly, the dancing queen

Molly, the dancing queen

2. G is still my tiny, funny boy and is as ridiculous as ever. He makes me laugh every day.

Monster Boy!

Monster Boy!

3. We are lucky enough to have 3 sets of parents/grandparents in our lives who live close by. I’m even more grateful that they are all involved and always more than happy to help out.

4. I left my retail career a year ago and I have loved having nights, weekends, and holidays off for the first time ever. I’ve been able to make weekend plans and go grocery shopping like a regular person. It’s been awesome!

5. The Paperie and its owners, Janna, Wendy, and Chris have continued to support and encourage me this past year. I’ve been able to design and teach classes that I love and they once again sent me to The Collins Rep show for workshops with the industries best people. They are awesome people to be connected with and I only hope I come close to giving some of that back to them and the shop.

Wendy & I

Wendy & I

Chris & Janna

Chris & Janna

6. I’ve made it a point to take more classes and have more fun friends time this year. I have loved the memories and laughter. I can only imagine how much more is to come in 2013!

Friends & Chocolate - very, very good things!

Friends & Chocolate – very, very good things!

7. This blog has to make the list. It’s been almost a year and I’ve loved the documenting, the relationships, the people. I’ve laughed and cried over blogs I never would have heard of without the visitors here, and can’t wait to see what else I discover in the next year.


8. Bar none, the top thing I’m grateful for this year was reconnecting with one of my oldest and best friends after many years. Is there anything better than someone who knows almost everything about you and still thinks you’re fabulous? I think not!

I hope you all have a thousand and one small things from the past year that you love. A thousand and one great memories. And I wish you more in the next year.

Thank-you all for being part of my life, the things for which I’m grateful, my Good Things.