A lot of bloggers out there are rounding out the year with their favourite posts, or LO’s, or art pieces. I’m going to join in but give you my top 5 faves of the year – be it blog post, LO, whatever!

5. My 12 on Twelve posts, as a whole. I didn’t start this project until March so I missed the first 2 months of the year, but overall I love seeing a basic day in our lives each month. It’s usually nothing special except what we do everyday and that alone makes it pretty darn special anyway. Plus, I get to see my everchanging hair colour at a glance! 🙂


4. My ICAD posts, as a whole. (I feel like I’m somewhat cheating by not narrowing down these two project posts but since it’s my list, I get to make the rules!) I loved the small canvas, I loved having to/making myself be creative every day, and I really, really loved the awesomeness that came out of the experimenting I did. Some of the cards were among my favourite art pieces of the year.

ICAD #16

3. This LO. I love the colours, how the blending worked out, using the whole stencil, and mostly, I love that picture. It all came together to be one LO that stands out to me over this past year.

CAS Stencil class - excited

2. This canvas. I had been itching to do… more. More than just scrapbooking. I did some mini albums, a couple of basic altered projects and home decor, but still…. And then I signed up for Christy Tomlinson’s SheArt Workshop and haven’t looked back.

She Art Girl 1

But without a doubt, my favourite of the year is:

1. The Garbage post. This was among the top 5 in viewed and commented on posts this year and a lot of that is because of the subject and the timing. I wrote this post not long after the world heard about the horrific news in Connecticut and it was uplifting to hear about something good. Bob Fitzgerald, the garbage man,  to me simply personifies the ordinary person out there doing little things to make a happy difference in someone’s life. I’m so glad he touched so many of you as well.

garbage cans - kidsDid your favourite of the year make my list? Let me know if I missed it!

And Happy New Year to you all.