Remember the story about G asking for a lightbulb? This was the Santa he asked:

Santa pic - 2012

Always good for Santa to have a good story to bring home to Mrs. Claus, I guess! And seriously? My kids are the cutest… 🙂

I went to a concert on Wednesday night with a couple of friends. A local group, The Ennis Sisters always do a Christmas concert in local churches around the province with part of the proceeds going directly to the churches they perform in. These girls may have the best harmonies I’ve ever heard – love them!

Joyce, Karen, me, Theresa, Tricia, Maureen

Joyce, Karen, me, Theresa, Tricia, Maureen

My sister-in-law sent me this blog the other day:

Twiggy Pairs of Skates - Michele Pacey

photo and ornament credit: Michele Pacey

Aren’t they the cutest? You should see what she did with egg cartons today!

I have a feeling that posts are going to be very scarce next week, both D and I are off and there are *lots* of family things planned – plus my brother and wife are home, yay!

So to all of you, Merry Christmas. I hope you all have exactly the one you want this year!