I’m still going, still keeping up, and still loving Project Life. Here are weeks 5 & 6. as always, click any pictures to see them up close and personal!

We headed into October this week and so the kiddies got new winter hats they had to wear, even though we still were having summer temps.

I also managed to get downtown to see a reunion of Critical List, a local band I love, and met up with some old friends who I hadn’t seen in ages. The end of the week brought my trip to Orlando for the Collins Rep Show and the beginning of some fabulous classes!

My favourite part of this week’s LO was the insert:

M drew a picture of “mama and daddy, with flowers and fireworks, because I’m having a good day!”

Onto Week 6:

M’s Thanksgiving poster in one insert and my October 12 on Twelve in the other.

The end of the week me back home again, doing self timer pics with the camera – the kiddies favourite thing – M getting her regular 3 month eye check and a new prescription, and G getting a hair cut.

The beginning of the week was more Orlando and scrapbooking fun!

My favourite picture of the whole week was this one with Dyan Reaveley: