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I’m teaching a new class next Tuesday night at The Paperie and it’s going to be a fun and bright one!

In the class you’ll receive this Hero Arts stamp set:

Miracle of the Holidays

credit: Hero Arts

and we’ll be playing with pieces from this one too:

credit: Hero Arts

And to go along with those, we’ll be using the new Neon Inks!

credit: Hero Arts

It’s going to be a bright night, my friends! 🙂

Now, I’ll be honest, I lived through the 80’s and when these inks were released I said, “Never, no way, not gonna happen. Been there, done that!” However (and this is a big however) I played with them and have learned ways to tone them down so they’re just gorgeous colours, not in your face, need-to-wear-your-sunglasses bright! Yay!


Meet RJ, Rudolph’s boy. When I gave him a red nose, it was brought to my attention that Rudolph does not wear a sweater (cough, cough, Liz, cough). Picky, picky. So this is Rudolph Junior and he gets cold up there in the North Pole, a sweater is a necessity!

The colours are brighter when stamped on white instead of kraft…


…but are not totally in your face when in a small dose like this!

Now, most of us have teens, or preteens, or even littler ones in our lives and they didn’t live through the 80’s. And that means they actually like the neon colours – true fact, my friends! So for those on your Christmas list, I made this card, loosely based on one I made in Orlando at the Collins Rep Show:


Trust me, those kids in your lives will love this one! And, be honest now, it is kind of fun instead of traditional red and green, hey?!?

Finally, subway art is really big right now and it’s so easy to make your own. Here’s my neon twist on it!

Subway Art

On top of the 4 cards, you go home with the stamp set, and you get to play with the neon inks (which will also go home with one lucky person!) – it’s going to be a fun night!

Call or email The Paperie to sign up and hopefully, I’ll see you next week!

Do you ever wonder where the Creative Team gets their class ideas? Well, I can tell you that this class was inspired by a card I submitted for publication – the theme was non-traditional Christmas card colours. After using the neon inks in Orlando, I decided that would be the direction I would take this class. And that card I submitted? Check out page 47 of Create: Christmas Cards to see it – it’s also a Hero Arts card! 🙂