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Friday was the 12th again – love this day every month!

1. G playing with trains while waiting for Poppy to take him swimming.

2. My monthly selfie in the porch mirror.

3. Writing the blog…

4. Lunch – ham and cheese with “salad” as M says!

5. Nana came by and played memory.

6. M colouring a picture – she’s big into grass and sky lately.

7. L, G, and E playing outside, with clothespins – fall weather has finally started.

8. Miss Crankypants – sigh.

9. The only way M is happy about pics is if I use the self timer – she loves that!

10. Ella was spayed and by the time D brought her home she was more than ready to get out of a kennel.

11. Funniest moment of the day – M putting Chapstick all over G like makeup and saying, “Ok, close your eyes now sweetie.” Hilarious!

12. Dinner at Oppidan with a crowd of girlfriends. As scrapbookers and foodies we take pics of everything but somehow we all missed the amuse bouche we were given. I asked our waiter to get us a picture and this is what he came back with – one with the chef who made it!

Another great day – lots of tears, laughs, and everything in between!