So earlier this week I got a comment on one of my posts that shocked me. Miss Four Eyes, another blogger, nominated me for two awards!

To say I was floored is an understatement! It’s really an honor, Miss Four Eyes, to be on your list of five – I appreciate your comments, your likes on my posts, and your blog . You should all go check her out, she’s really quite funny and I look forward to the entertainment of her writing and life every morning!

Here are the blogs I have nominated for both awards:

1. Day Jobs and the NightLife.

This one is written by a room-mate and friend of mine from way back. He now lives in Montreal and writes about places to go in the area, especially food and drink places. The best part? He’ll give you recommendations if you ask! And one of his latest posts was a review of Raymonds, Β a local restaurant here in NL he was lucky enough to be invited to review while home on holiday. I love his writing, and am generally drooling and hungry by the time I finish a blog post!

2. The Grumpy Goat Gallery

First of all, the art is fabulous! Bright, whimsical, and fun – this blog is worth checking out just for that. But it’s also hilariously funny! Cara and Pam are local NL artists who Β live in a small community about an hour outside the capitol city. They own a menagerie of animals that includes goats and cats who are frequently the stars of the blog stories and might truly be humans in animal form. Really. Read their blog and you’ll understand, while laughing at the craziness of their days.

3. Candice Does the World

Candice is a travel blogger from Newfoundland and the title of her blog should give you an idea of her sense of humor. She is lucky enough to now have a job that doesn’t require her to be or live anywhere in particular and she takes full advantage of that fact! Right now, she is based back in NL, but that could change anytime, from what I understand! I met Candice briefly, just once, when Day Jobs and the Nightlife was home this summer but her blog makes you feel as if you could just sit down and have a drink with her like old friends!

4. Emily Lagore

Emily is someone I discovered on Instagram and she really is the most incredible artist. On Instagram, however, she posts her art journals and fabulous mandalas. I love her style, love her mandalas, and most of all, love how super sweet she is! She always replies to everyone’s comments and offers help and suggestions when asked. Go check her out for the eye candy, it’s worth it, and if you like watercolour paintings and portraits, have a look at her artΒ website.

There are so many more blogs I could mention, but I also didn’t want to accidently leave someone out so I’m leaving it here. I will say that my biggest inspiration and the blogs I go to first every morning belong to my talented friends – you’ll find all their blogs on the right in my blogroll!

Another thing I have to do to accept these awards is to list 7 things about me:

1. Until last month I was a nail biter – since I’ve stopped, I’ve become a bit obsessed with nail polish. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you are probably bored of the nail shots! πŸ™‚

2. My best friend is tall, dark, and gorgeous, whereas I’m short and well… who knows what my hair colour really is anymore! But she’s been my bestie since we were 6 and I have some awesome stories about her. Whenever I drink lemonade, she pops in my head!

3. I love to sing – but only at the top of my lungs and when I’m alone in the car! Trust me, it’s better that I’m alone during these times….

4. I have one awesome brother who has a PhD in theorhetical physics and another who has a math honours and a fine arts degree in photography. They’re quite a bit different but very much alike and are best friends even though they’re 6 years apart – it’s very cool to see!

5. I love to teach. Maybe even more than creating itself, I love to teach what I know and what I learn and what I make.

6. I hate to cook. Really hate it. Having to make supper every night? Groan. But baking? I could do that all day! (Miss Four Eyes? I could make you a cake if you trusted me with your address! :))

7. My favourite candy are Gobstoppers. Yup, those ones from Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. It drives my husband crazy that I insist on expensive handmade chocolate but will only eat cheap candy!

So there you are – my exciting and humbling surprise, 4 of my fave inspiring and lovely blogs (5 if you count Miss Four Eyes herself), and 7 tidbits about me!

Have a wonderful weekend and take some time check out the blogs listed here and in my blogroll – you won’t regret it!