As always, I did my 12 pics for the day on the twelfth. I missed a couple of good ones – M hiding under the kitchen table because she didn’t want to go to school and the stencil class last night – but got an overview none-the-less….

1. Rosie, guarding the front door – she loves to hang out in the porch!

2. My standard 12on12 selfie.

3. Sending in my first Project Life pics for Week 1!

4. New super glittery nails – love them!

5. The boys making funny faces.

6. Showing off their stinky feet!

7. Slides are apparently for jumping off, not sliding down…

8. M home from school – she looked happier until she saw the camera! 🙂

9. Getting my first week of PL organized.

10. Starbucks to take me through class!

11. Joan finishing up in class. I was too busy to take pics during and missed some good shots!

12. New products were put out on the shelves at The Paperie during the class so I had to stock up before I came home!