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I had a premade base for this – Flexible Molding Paste spread over the star portion of a 12×12 Punchinella stencil.

I started by blowing three different watercolours around with a straw. I wasn’t happy with the amount of tentacles spreading out and there was too much solid space so I covered the whole thing with my new, but old,  favourite product – Twinkling H2O’s! I really like how the colours blended together more and appear layered under a translucent teal cover.

For my quote, I used one that M and I say to each other all the time but in my ChitChat stickers there was no “stars” so I wrote it on the card. Blerg. Then I stamped the letters on one of my Martha Stewart kraft sticker labels, cut out each letter and stuck them down. Then I covered the word and letter stickers with matte multimedium which removed some of the teal paint around the stickers revealing more of the original colour – pretty cool!

I got lots of glare from the shimmer but it’s super sunny here (yay! and finally!) so that’s all I can do folks! 🙂

I really like how the stars appear to be part of the whole but still have lots of texture and dimension on their own:

M decided to jump in the game again so I’ll be back later with another card of mine and one of hers too!