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M and I both made cards for yesterday but she was a little more specific about how she wanted hers to be than I was!

I stamped script in Hero Arts Mid-Tone Shadow ink, then added some Tissue Tape. Over that I layered paper towel (of course!). This one happened to be covered in bright Dylusons Ink Sprays so I tore it up and just added the pieces I wanted, since there was a lot of open white space I didn’t need.

I really liked the look of the vibrant colours and didn’t want to mess with it too much so I simply smeared some white gesso over a patch, stamped my sentiment, and added some extra texture and dimension with a stencil and Coarse Pumice Gel.

I love that Gel, it feels like sand and the kids can’t stop touching my card! 🙂

M did another beautiful watercolour but then wanted to mist over it. Since she has a hard time trying to push down on the mister (and I didn’t feel like D would appreciate hot pink and lime green on the ceiling) I helped her with that part. She picked the mists, put her finger on the nozzle, and pointed out the exact spot she wanted it to go (telling her mist doesn’t work that way fell on deaf ears), while I helped her push down and aimed the nozzle the right way.

It was a combo of Dylusions, Colour Wash, and Perfect Pearls and I think it looks pretty cool – it has some awesome shimmer IRL!

Back tomorrow with cards from both of us again!

In the meantime, who’s going to crop night? I can’t wait – see you there!