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(NOTE: We think we have the internet issues figured out – fingers crossed. Sorry for any late replies to your comments, I should be more on the ball after today!)

I’m so happy I remember to do the 12 on Twelve on the right day this month – doing it on the 14th last month grated a little on the anal retentive nerve I have!

Here are the pics:

1. M flying with Jake and the Neverland Pirates – and little pinch of pixie dust!

2. A favourite morning treat – peanut butter and nutella on a spoon.

3. New Legos – the bagpiper and hippie, with a front end loader.

4. A favourite new game – squishing each other on the kitchen floor!

5. G digging in the playground, sweating it out in his hoodie (everyone else was in tees and shorts but he refused to take anything off).

6. G in the swing and my first attempt at sun flare – I like it!

7. Flowers for Mama.

8. Bringing the wagon home so “You don’t have to do it, Mama!”

9. My creative mess – the kitchen island will never be the same colour again!

10. Lori came for a visit – and added to the creative mess with her ICAD.

11. First evening nice enough to BBQ and eat it outside.

12. Bath time.