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So here it is, my 12 on Fourteen collage for May:

1. M making a picture for C and rubbing glitter all over it – that’s my girl!

2. G, “I don’t want to look at the camera.”

3. M on her scooter, coming home from C’s house, “I don’t want to look at the camera.” (They’re both done with pictures – WITL did them in!)

4. Flowers in a “beautiful vase.”

5. Flowers from M.

6. Flowers from G.

7. Gluten Free Ricotta Brownies – yeah. They’re good.

8. Potty training – going all on his own these days!

9. Hugs for Poppy.

10. Eat Carrots (that’s the name of her new bunny) saying goodbye to Poppy.

11. Blowing on supper – it’s too hot!

12. Jumping on Mama’s bed in new jammies from the Caribbean.

Well, there they are – hopefully next month I’ll actually remember on the 12th!