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1. Remember my Art Journal cover?

Well I coloured it… and really didn’t like it (note to self: Coarse Moulding Paste looks cools before colour but not so cool after misting) so I gessoed over the whole thing again:

And I really like how the mist colours popped through a bit, so much so that I almost left it just like that! But I didn’t and this is what I have now:

I still left the colours really muted but I love the additional layers of stamps and stencils.

Awesome texture and dimension! Now, to open it up and get to work!

2. Excited to start ICAD tomorrow – I’ve already had a few people ask if they can join in with us – hey, the more the merrier! I can’t wait to see what you all do! It’s going to be fun having a bunch of friends in town and online doing this together! Make sure you join the Flickr group too, to see what everyone else doing.

And I’ve just seen that Tammy, the woman who started all this, has daily prompts! So if you’ve been on the fence, thinking you’re not creative or wouldn’t know what to do, now she gives you a starting point! Why are you still waffling? Go buy your index cards and join the fun!

3. Just booked tickets for M and I to go visit P, her friend I used to care for. Lately, M has been pretty wretched and everytime she cries she says she misses P and why won’t she come play anymore? Not that easy to explain to a four year old how far New Brunswick is from Newfoundland so now we’re going there to play with her! Yay!


4. I’m excited about the class Cathie and I are teaching on Sunday! It’s the first Designer Duo class and I really want it to go well because I have plans for more of these! Two different instructors with different styles, using the same product? Fun times ensue, my friends!

Here’s my sneak peek again:

And here’s a tiny snippet from Cathie:

Doesn’t hers look awesome?!? There’s still time to sign up, or get a kit with full pics and instructions. Just call Meghan at The Paperie and she’ll hook you up!

5. I have a half day off tomorrow! Lots of errands to run but I actually get to do them alone since my mom is taking my kiddies for the afternoon – so exciting for me, I may not know how to handle it! πŸ™‚

Have a great one tomorrow, enjoy the start of June and good luck with your index cards! Make sure you let me know what you have done so I can see them!