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I promised to post this yesterday but time got away from me…

When I was at the Daylong crop at The Paperie on Saturday, D texted me and said,  “I’m facing the Spanish inquisition!!!!” And then I got an email titled Inquisition transcript excerpt (I should preface this conversation by stating that M has gone to church many times and D doesn’t really believe in religion which made this all the funnier to me!):

M. How do you spell hula hoop
D. h-u-l-a-h-o-o-p.
M. But how do you spell hula hoop?
D  H-U-L-A-H-O-O-P!
M. Yes but how do you spin one?
D. I don’t know Molly.
M. But tell me.
D. I don’t know Molly
M. Why don’t you know?
D. I don’ t know Molly. (as you can tell, this is his standard answer to her many, many questions!)
M. Can you scooter?
D. Yes.
M. Where’s your scooter?
D. I don’t have one.
M. How do you know how to scooter if you don’t own one?
D. I just do.
M. Can you skateboard?
D. No.
M. Can you bicycle?
D. Yes.
M. Where’s your bicycle?
D. In the shed?
M. On the ceiling?
D. No, on the floor.
M. How do you walk on water?
D. You can’t.
M. Yes but how do you stand on water & not sink?
D. You can’t.
M. Who can walk on water?
D. Jesus (bad move there, I should have seen it coming).
M. Who’s Jesus?
D. God’s son?
M. Who’s God?
D. It’s a long story.
M. Is it a difficult word?
D. Yes Molly.

Now, knowing my daughter, this was not the end of the conversation, she’s nothing if not tenacious.

And I would have loved to be there when D said Jesus could walk on water – never thought I would hear that coming out of his mouth! 🙂