… just turned 3. How in the world did that happen?

… loves his trucks. He got remote cars from P & C for his birthday and they’re a huge hit!

… will not have anything to do with toilet training. Not a thing. Suggestions would be appreciated! 🙂


… is in her room having a melt down. You’d think she’d have learned by now – stubborn is not even the word.

… had a great eye check up last week and improved one full line of vision in each eye! Crossing our fingers that the patching will be on the shorter end of the time frame.

… loves the self timer on the camera and is constantly asking me to let the camera take her picture. Not me, just the camera!


… is building the fence that divides us from our attached neighbour. Technically, it’s her fence but we share it so he’s building and she’s doing most of the buying.

… is not taking many pictures these days. Which means I’m using all my own shots – and they’re just not as good, trust me!

… is going to bed early these days and then complaining when my cold feet hit him and wake him up! 🙂


… cannot wait for the Paperie Retreat this weekend. Fun, laughter, drinks, and some scrapping – fun times!

… is loving the selfies. I hate getting my picture taken so this is a quick and easy way around it!

… is liking her hair curly / is too lazy to straighten it each morning! Either way, I’m embracing the craziness of it!

Sorry about the lack of crafty eye candy lately. I’ll have some crafty links tomorrow and have a post ready to go Friday while I’m gone that will be crafty goodness too!