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…I am cold. We all bundled up and went out to slide and play in the snow that was dropped on us yesterday. Unfortunately, the wind is bitter cold and now I can’t warm up again. Brrrrrr.

…I can’t type very well and am making lots of spelling errors. That just may have something to do with the two-year-old who is determined to sit on my lap today.

G & Mama

Don’t you just love his new “smile for the camera” face? Cracks me up every time! Does not amuse his photographer father as much, especially since I think it’s so funny that I keep asking for it! Ha! 🙂

…we’re having mac & cheese for lunch, with peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Comfort food for a cold day and something that is always devoured by the kiddies. That being said, they do just as well with broccoli and spinach too. But I digress…

…M is having a bad day. Enough said. Sigh.

…it’s very loud. Well, that’s par for the course so I don’t know why I’m even mentioning it. Moving along….

…I started this class. It’s good so far and I’m looking forward to more inspiration!

…I’m plugging away at the 2012 Album and getting frustrated. Luckily, I can turn to my graphic designer husband to do cover pages for me!

Cover Page Sneak Peek

…the playroom has had cow and dog races (the cow always wins and apologizes to the dog), monsters eating trophies, storms destroying the train tracks (“Really, Mama, it wasn’t me, it was the storm!), and pirates making little boys walk the plank. Never a dull moment.

Wishing you all a day that is warmer but just as entertaining as mine!