03 - march1. I finally sent the Christmas gifts to my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Yes, I procrastinate. No, I’m not the worst relative in the world (I included handmade presents and birthday gifts, that should count for something!).

2. Selfie!

3. Gabe’s sign for his couch cushion fort: “no babies”  For the record, they didn’t pay attention to it!

4. Saucy face!

5. my boy #mistergabe

6. Foxy in the fort.

7. We had a crowd for lunch!

8. Watching movies and eating popcorn during naptime (I was at a funeral, Jennifer gives treats!).

9. Sweet girl.

10. Regular floor mess.

11. KTOL class – tap, tap, tap

12. New stamps – love these kooky birds!