This is the one project in my life that seems to get finished every year and that I don’t get tired of. This year I’m going to try and get these days into my scrapbooks as well, instead of just on my blog!


1. standard porch selfie (apparently I don’t get tired of that pic either!)

2. typical daily playroom floor mess

3. working on his fave – a tag bookmark – with a new Prima Boy Doll Stamp, Skylar

4. Sweet Holly came to visit

5. little boy bedhead

6. “Take my picture like this, Mama!”

7. Working on a blanket for bunny, using the peg loom Daddy built out of pencils

8. couch cushion fort

9. Kayleigh-Bug

10. Bad Boots has serious bedhead!

11. Something special for Nana and Grampa Ken

12. night-time snack – so much for healthy eating!



P.S. I’m working on the December Daily blog posts and I promise they’ll be up this week. There will be at least three since I don’t want to overwhelm you with pictures and there are a lot! Check back tomorrow for eye candy, inspiration if you don’t have yours done yet, or ideas to Pin for next year’s album!