Another month, another 12 on Twelve – but this time my Nikon is on the fritz so I took all the pics with my phone. Not sold on that process, my friends, I miss my camera!


1. early morning boot camp – let’s go!

2. waiting for his ride to school – he loves kindergarten

3. making Aunt Madeline’s Blueberry Buckle

4. kitchen dance party!

5. crazy Ella, she wouldn’t come in out of the rain, just sat there looking pathetic

6. play date in the dirt – they had sand everywhere!

7. home again and enjoying blueberry dessert before lunch

8. Mm worksheet

9. quiet time, for all of us!

10. craft time after school

11. finishing a canvas donation for The Sunshine Foundation silent auction

12. evening treat – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces caramel apple