1. Lego people – always a favourite around here (especially the pretzel girl – Molly says it’s her because she loves pretzels!).

2. selfie in the porch, as always.

3. more snow…… blerg.

4. getting photos ready for Keeping Track of Life with Krista.

5. drawing and writing by Gabe. He’s learning to draw hearts (he traced these) because Molly always draws hearts.

6. Miss Rosie

7. reading during nap time.

8. my nap time companion.

9. Molly made a snowmanΒ woman – Precious Elizabeth. I kid you not.

10. math time. More blerg.

11. dot-to-dots, his favourite. Not sure why he’s colouring with a pencil but whatever.

12. Spark time – painting with a local artist tonight.