1. the lions, sunbathing in their sleeping bags (aka Gabe’s old winter hats)

2. construction on the new swimming pool/sportsplex – we can watch it all from our backyard

3. Gabe and L watching the cranes and trucks – a four-year-old boy’s favourite stuff!

4. a submission request for a holiday gift idea (Christmas already?!?!?!) that was in my inbox when I woke up

5. my Studio Calico KP kit and tags showed up today

6. working n a bunch of ICAD’s (index card a day) all at the same time

7. Molly playing along with ICAD too!

8. my usual monthly selfie

9. mailing the submission request off to Northridge Publishing

10. Gabe’s last gymnastics class for the year

11. playing a game with old lion – tossing him into a bucket from the top of the slide

12. tired of pictures; 12on12 makes the kiddies hate the camera!