Gabe saw Molly have so much fun painting with my mists the other day that he wanted a turn too – so today you get to see what he made during our crafty time yesterday!

He learned from her mistakes and didn’t try to make an actual picture – he just painted colours. He had a blast doing it, especially the date stamping part – he picked the date himself.

gabe - painted mist

For mine, I took the paper towel we had been using the past few days for cleaning up and pasted it to the card.

i am currently unsupervised

After it dried, I smeared Glass Gel Beads through a stencil, heated them, and then coloured a few with mist (since it was out anyway!). I left the paper towel raggedy, I love the organic look of the edges that way:

i am currently unsupervised - glass bead gel

The texture left by the paper towel is pretty cool so I tried not to cover it all up:

i am currently unsupervised - paper towel texture

I finished by spraying a blank card with the same mist I painted the gel beads, stamped my sentiment, courtesy of Dyan Reaveley naturally, and cut it out to add to the card.

I am currently unsupervised, indeed!