So I completely blanked yesterday and thought it was the 11th. All day. Until about midnight.

So I don’t have a 12 on Twelve for May – but I do have 6! It doesn’t cover the whole day, only a tiny little portion, but I’m going with it. If I feel like it during today I might do my twelve but for now, I’m letting six be ok for this month!


(viewing from left to right)

1. Graham and Gabe at Mother’s Day brunch, eating lemons.

2. Gabe posing at Freak Lunchbox before getting his candy fix.

3. Graham playing up for the camera while Gabe tries his hardest to ignore his uncle!

4. Gabe eating his toast creation – Strawberry and Raspberry jam, with Cheez Whiz and Peanut Butter.

5. Uncle Graham reading when we got home.

6. Me and my mom at brunch.

Hope all you moms, moms-to-be, and non-traditional moms out there had a great one yesterday!