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While I was at the Paperie Retreat last weekend I demoed some products for the girls who were sitting close to me. And the demoing got done in my Art Journal.

A bit of Distress Paint marbling, showing how easy it is to clean the dabber tops of said paint, a bit of mist, some primary elements, molding paste through a stencil… You get the drift.

It’s enough to say that those two pages were a disastrous mess once I was done. Seriously. I should have taken a picture, I thought there would be no redemption for them!

Then I had the brilliant thought to tone down all the vibrancy and clashing colours and chaos with some Ranger Tissue Wrap.

tissue wrap

And it worked better than hoped. So well in fact that I don’t want to cover it up – I love it now!

Don’t you think this would make an awesome scrapbook page background? Even the random lines and squiggles add to the texture of the base when they’re pushed to the background.

For a soaking wet, colourful mess of random stuff, this ended up being an awesome success – yay for playing in Art Journals!


update: I finally finished the page and covered my beloved base layer – see it here!