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I decided to take out my neglected 50mm lens yesterday and use it for all my pics – I had forgotten how much I love that lens! It’s actually the reason I have a decent camera. I came home from a scrapping retreat and told D that I wanted to take pics that were sharp but blurry. Luckily, he actually knew what I meant and handed over his old Nikon with this lens. Now that I’ve put it back on the camera, it may be a while before I take it off again!

12on12march1. My regular selfie.

2. Miss M actually wanting her pic taken at breakfast.

3. Reading on the Story Sofa.

4. Playing in the snow (who else wants to eat up that sweet face?)

5. Being silly in the snow.

6. Sliding in Tricia’s yard – she has the best hill and the best slide!

7. Reading while waiting for her ride to school.

8. “Take a picture of this face, Mama!” (not so sweet this time but still chewable)

9. Everyone left early so Mr. G and I walked to pick Miss M up at school.

10. “Mama, this is a fabulous surprise!”

11. He knows the letters to his name now and types them into everything (the writing thing however, no interest!)

12. Kitting for my class this weekend during Kelly Purkey’s visit!

I actually had too many pictures this time around – that lens is awesome! – so I think there will be some LO’s in my future!