I had the beginnings of a head cold and taught a Designer Duo Mixed Media Class with Cathie on Saturday, so I had a hard time keeping track and taking pictures. I did get 12 though, with some help from friends on Instagram!



1. Cuddles with daddy in the morning.

2. Cathie teaching her LO during our class.

3. My supplies for teaching my canvas.

4. Lunch! Sourdough and smoked meat sandwich from Manna, always the best!

5. My row of canvases at class.

6. Cathie and I – almost done for the day!

7. My traditional selfie in the porch mirror.

8. Bathroom reno – the tile is finished!

9. Birthday card for a special 1st birthday – Eugene, the dog!

10. Eugene about to get his cake – carrot, peanut butter, cream cheese frosting, and bacon!

11. The gift bag and tissue I brought – the toy inside didn’t last much longer!

12. Krista (Eugene’s mama) and I.

Another one in the bag – see you next month!

And tomorrow, more Weekend of Fun peeks!