Still playing along with this every month, and still loving it. Unfortunately, I had very few pictures and really terrible lighting but it’s done and documented and not every month has to be my favourite, right?

1. Early morning weekend and holiday ritual – yogurt and raspberries in the basement, watching TV.

2. Reading stories to a captive audience of bunnies.

3. Playing horsey with Daddy.

4. Showing off his new-to-him Spiderman toy.

5. Christmas shopping downtown at the local places!

6. My monthly selfie, in the porch, after dark, with aforementioned terrible lighting.

7. Ella, having a snuggle with Miss M’s new blankie (thanks to Vicki for saving the day when the original vanished!)

8. Bath time!

9. Laundry time.

10. New vacuum cleaner was needed, but were two new Dysons really necessary?

11. Sleepy boy, snuggling his lion.

12. Sleepy girl, moving farther and farther down the bed. This is the only thing she says/does/anything that proves she actually does belong to her father!