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Note: This is a super duper photo heavy post – you might want to grab a coffee before you start! 🙂

A while back I posted this mini album

Let the fun begin…

…I had made from one sheet of patterned paper and washi tape. That was it. Oh, and I threw on a bit of unnecessary baker’s twine at the end.

I said it then and I’ll say write it again, this is the easiest and smallest kit you’ll ever pack for a trip or crop! A couple of people asked for detailed instructions so here they are!

You will need:


A paper trimmer and/or scissors, a pen for journaling, one sheet of patterned paper, and coordinating washi tape – as much or as little as you like.

You could really use any patterned paper you want but I love the sheets full of cut apart elements – they just seem to cry out to be made into minis! This time around, I used a sheet from Echo Park‘s mini line, Toy Box. The nice thing about the “Jump” sheet is that it has great embellishment elements as well.

First of all, just cut everything apart and trim out any elements you need – for example, I cut apart the words and tickets, and trimmed the scallop border.

Next, lay out your pieces in order from front cover all the way to the back, then group them into pairs, with the covers being a pair and adjacent interior pages pairing up.

Next, use washi tape to adhere each set of interior pages to each other, but only use washi tape on one side.

Now, fold the pairs in half, as they’ll appear in the book, and adhere adjacent pairs together. Again, only use washi on one side. Below you will see the “play all day” pair and the “I love you” pair:

Finally, add a strip of washi tape to the front cover, on the exterior left. Add a strip to the back cover on the exterior right.

Now, sandwich your stack of interior pages between the covers and press the two pieces of washi tape together, forming a flap.

Use one more strip of washi to wrap around the whole spine, pressing down the flap you created a moment ago.

That’s it, you’re done!

I did stick in some of the borders but left the words to add once I put in my photos. Obviously, at this point you could make it much fancier and add more details and embellishments but essentially, it’s finished!

I hope you try this out and tell me about it in the comments – I’d love to see your mini!