Well, yesterday was the 12th of the month again and although I was away at the cabin, I still remembered to take my pics! Yay me!

1. M wanted a braid just like the girls – and the one I tried was terrible! Suzette to the rescue with a fabulous french braid and a happy girl!

2. G, J, R, and M – what are the chances that I would get them all laughing and looking in the same direction at the same time!?!?!

3. M and G, starting to build…

4. …and making a huge tower!

5. Throwing sand, a big no-no. He’s such a boy…

6. Us, besties since we were 6 and still going strong!

7. Me and my boy.

8. Covered in mud and dirt and loving it!

9. Washing off the sand in the river.

10. The cabin, with blue skies breaking through just as we left…

11. My nan’s roses.  They grow outside the fence and pink wild roses always make me think of her, as do Bleeding Hearts.

12. Home again, and biking around the street to sell chocolates for gymnastics – she sold them all!

Did you play along this month? Leave me a link in the comments, I want to see your pics too!