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Played along with the 12 on Twelve again this month – I love doing this, it’s a great way to get a monthly overview easily!

1. Ella’s favourite spot in the summer – in front of the fence and behind the trees where none of the kiddies can reach her!

2. M and her new buddy playing in the tent.

3. G in the crab pool,, enjoying some alone time!

4. My selfie for the day.

5. M having a foot spa with pool water and pine cones!

6. Enjoying the bubble blower!

7. M and G playing in the crab pool and pretending to eat the floaties (they’re hot dogs!)

8. MK and M whispering in the sun.

9. Upside down!

10. Singing and making music at Poppy’s house.

11. Playing in Poppy’s bath with the “whooshers” – it’s a storm!

12. Picking wild strawberries before heading home to bed.