So, this week just gets busier all the time! So much for a regular week to do this project – then again, is there any such thing as a regular week?

I thought I might be on top of things yesterday, but then I got an email from Meghan wondering where my biweekly Paperie Picks blog post might be…. So much for being caught up!

M had kinderstart yesterday morning and didn’t want to finish her milk (daily fight; she hates it, I say too bad for her), M and G spent the night at Nanny and Poppy’s house so there was the rush to get them there, then D and I went for dinner, and once we were back again, I had a post to write but ended up falling asleep on my keyboard (literally, it was pretty bad!). Now, how’s that for a run on sentence!

Here are some pics from the day (I have others that are great each day, but they’re of the kiddies I look after. This project is wonderful for their parents, picture wise!):

Back tomorrow with some more!