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1. 3 years ago today, I was in a hospital bed watching this tiny boy sleeping and making little moaning sounds. He was definitely the cutest boy ever born (this is true, I am not biased, ask anyone!)

2. 3 years ago today, M was meeting “her baby” for the first time and pointing out all his body parts – she was very into that at age 20 months!

3. 3 years ago today, D and I were arguing over names – he was adamant about Gabriel, I didn’t like it. He won, obviously. I regret to this day I didn’t put Gabe on the birth certificate. He just isn’t a Gabriel….

4. 3 years ago today I was still in shock there was a baby boy – I was convinced I was having another girl. As a matter of fact, when the nurse said, “It’s a boy!” my response was, “Are you sure?” Ha!

5. 3 years ago today I already couldn’t imagine our lives without this blond haired, blue-eyed boy in it. He was, and still is, perfect. Though he does have an evil streak a mile wide!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, baby boy!!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy, we love you more than you’ll ever know!