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I’ve got some random, in no way connected, things to post about today – enjoy the ride!

1. I ordered a fun new play toy at the Paperie and it just came in – the Tim Holtz Cargo Case! I can’t wait to fill it up and try to begin getting organized.

2. To keep on the same theme for a moment, I have to start gutting out my scrap space this weekend – D is really getting annoyed with all my stuff piling up in the kitchen! I’ve told people that my space is a disaster and they say theirs is worse. Here’s proof. I win. 🙂

Scrap Space - before

3. My cats are crazy. With a bunch of little kids running around, you’d think they would have a sense of self-preservation and keep out of the way. But no, they want to be in the thick of things. Yesterday, Ella decided that M’s favourite blanket (G has one too that he loves, thanks Vicki!) would be her napping spot. The thing is, it was on the island in the middle of the kitchen. Somehow, that doesn’t strike me as the most peaceful spot she could have picked!

naptime...in the kitchen!

4. Because I feel bad that you’re only ever seeing pics of Ella, here’s one of Rosie, my Calico baby.

What? Go away.

Ok, so I just had to go take a picture. Rosie doesn’t like the camera much and the only recent one I had was of G using her like a pillow and squashing her – not the best one to show her off!

5. I hate to admit this but…. Sometime in December I said to D that I needed a new point and shoot camera because mine was too slow (toddlers are fast, you know!) and I wanted to do that fuzzy background thing.  Instead, he gave me his old Nikon D70s with 2 lenses he doesn’t use anymore and said, “Have at it.” Now, he’s a photographer and knows what he’s doing. I do not know what I’m doing and have no (really, truly *no*) interest in learning so when he handed me this camera, I was not impressed. But now I love it. Still have no clue what I’m doing, still have no interest in learning more about it, and I totally make the backgrounds too fuzzy, but it’s fun!

6. I’m sick of snow and it’s only the beginning of February. We’ve had two storms (as in close everything down and can’t see across the road storms) this week and they’re calling for another one tonight/tomorrow. I’m done, people, I’m done. Where’s my nice, rich benefactor to take me away to some place warm? I’m waiting…..

7. To end on a crafty note, here’s a LO I did of M & G in Bowring Park last year. They’re not always this nice to each other so we have to get it on film when they are!

M & G - Bowring Park

Notice the cute cloud buttons? They’re from a great online shop based out of Halifax, NS called My Little Bit of Whimsy, love their buttons and pins.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Around here we have plans for Frosty’s 30th Birthday Party on Saturday as part of the Frosty Festival Celebrations, and then breakfast at a restaurant Sunday morning – the kids favourite thing in the world to do!