Almost every morning Molly and I have a fight about her hair. I want it up, or at least back in a hair band. She doesn’t want it brushed.

So imagine my surprise this morning when she declared that she wanted “Party Hair.”

What’s that, you say? Good question. It’s the same one I asked.

It turns out that “Party Hair” has one side up in a bun like a balloon and the other side left out like streamers.

I saw this all going terribly badly. However I forged ahead and, being the genius that I am, got it done. We had the bun/balloon on one side and for the “streamers” I twisted the other side up. It almost went downhill at that point but when I assured her that no one would ever let streamers just fall straight down, they always have to be twisted up to look more party-like, it was a go.

And here’s the final product – she was pleased as punch:

party hairPhew. Morning crisis #1 averted.

Now, to share a little something else with you all:

june card kit

Haha! Just a fun little sneak of the Paperie June Card Kit – I went outside the box on this one, my friends!

And finally, WINNER!!!

The lucky recipient of the spot in Big Picture Classes Art & Science of Scrapbooking Workshop is Bernadette – I’ve emailed you! Congratulations and enjoy!


P.S. Didn’t win the spot? You can sign up right here – it starts tomorrow!