Yes, today’s post is about garbage.

Our garbage man, to be exact.

Now, I’m sure he has a name, and a different official title than “Garbage Man” but in my house, to my kiddies, that’s what he’s called.

Every Friday morning they all line off in the front window, just waiting for him to come by, and every Friday he stops and waves. They love him. And when someone else does his route occasionally, they know.

A while back the city gave all of us fancy new garbage cans that be picked up by the trucks and dumped in. This has made Friday mornings even more exciting – it’s a robot truck!

Well, last Friday, I hear the usual commotion about the truck and the cans and wow, look at that. And then they all went crazy.

“Mama, mama! Sara, Sara! He’s coming to our door!”

What? Why would he be coming to our door?

Well, to give us presents of course! Yes, presents.

He gave each of the four kiddies who watch him every Friday a little tiny garbage can.

garbage cans - kidsCan you tell how much they love them?


It even has wheels that turn and a lid that opens. Naturally, that only makes them even cooler to the kids. “Mama!” said in a hushed and awed voice, “It’s just like a real live garbage can!”

garbage cans

So, to the City of Mount Pearl and especially to our very own Garbage Man – thank you. You are officially one of the kiddies favourite people ever.