So, in previous years I’ve been really good about making Christmas cards. Not necessarily as good about sending them but good about making them. Usually, I do 10 of the same ones each month so by the time December rolls around, I have about 100 done. Easy, stress-free, and still fun to do.

This year, well, I kind of really fell off the bandwagon.

Christmas Cards = epic fail.

Apart from the one-offs I did for classes here, here, and here, I have made 38 cards. And 16 of those I made yesterday for a party I’m going to tomorrow night. A party full of crafty, scrappy friends. AKA, hang your head in shame if you don’t bring homemade.

Now I feel I need to say that if someone going to that party gives me a store-bought card I won’t mind at all! Really, I won’t!

But….. I may curse you under my breath for being a stronger girl than I and saying, “Shag it all – I’m buying!”

Back to my point. Only a few cards got made this year. And I’m ok with that. To be honest, I’ve decided to take this Christmas off – who’s with me? 🙂

Oh, I’ll still be decorating – but it hasn’t happened yet.

And I’ll still have cookies – but I won’t be baking (thanks Mom and Taffety!)

And I’ll still go to parties – but I’m not throwing one of my own.

Yup, taking Christmas off this year, my friends, and I feel no guilt at all! Try it, it’s actually liberating!

That being said I do have a few cards so here are the first ones I made, while at the Paperie retreat in November.

fa la la card

Super simple, but I love that Charlie Brown tree, it makes me happy, as does kraft paper.

And the teeny tiny sentiment inside also makes me happy:

fa la la card - inside

So happy and merry easy Christmas to you all, may everyone have as guilt free an epic fail as I do!


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